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SpaceX Transporter 8 rideshare mission 13/06/2023
SpaceX Transporter 8 rideshare mission 13/06/2023

Optical SSA Services

s2a systems performs optical observations of individual objects and entire constellations in all orbits, from LEO over MEO to GEO. We provide astrometric image analysis and are capable of monitoring the behavior, attitude control, and neighborhood of the observed objects. We also perform precise brightness measurements and generate light curves of objects in all orbits.

We are gradually building up a global network of optical SSA stations to track objects in LEO on a 24/7 basis and to cover the entire GEO. By 2024, we will operate sites in Australia, Europe, and South America.

Research Projects

s2a systems is an experienced industrial partner for research institutions in Switzerland and abroad. We advise and support technology development and help research institutions to develop, test and refine new technologies by contributing our expertise and experience in the development, -design and -operation of SSA technology. We conduct research projects for our clients, build demonstrators and prototypes, and perform sensor and process testing.

At our sites, we also provide space for client sensors and instruments, and ensure their monitoring and support.

Ground Infrastructure Development

We develop, build and operate optical remote ground stations. Our services include the analysis of the requirements, the development of the concept, the planning of the setup, the procurement of the necessary hardware and software as well as the construction of the observation station and the subsequent operation. To provide the necessary expertise even for special tasks, we cooperate with selected professional partner enterprises.

We are also ready to take over the operation of existing SSA ground stations of our clients and integrate these stations into a common network.

About s2a systems

s2a systems is a Swiss company founded by space enthusiasts in 2022. We develop and operate customized systems for optical space surveillance worldwide.

Our Mission

To minimize investment and operating costs for our clients, we use "off-the-shelf" technology and hardware components and adapt them to client needs where necessary. In this way, we offer reliable and cost-effective SSA solutions from several locations around the globe.

A Network of Excellent Partners

To develop high-class solutions, we cooperate with a broad network of research organizations and professional industrial partners.

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